Realized produciton lines

  • Stock cube line


    Line for transport, accumulation and packing of stock cubes

  • Wrapping line


    Automatic line for packing and tapping cardboard boxes.

  • Transport line for powder products


    Line for transport, mixing and dosing of powder products

  • Syrop room


    Preparing and stockage line for fruit drinks

  • Mostarda line


    Filling, corking and packing line for mostarda jars

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Promer Overseas s.r.l

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Pievesestina di Cesena (FC) Italy
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About us

Our aim is to group the purchases of our customers, thus they can benefit of our preferential prices as distributors.

Our presence on market allow us to be competitive also in case you turn directly to the producer because, in most cases, we profit of discount that we transmit you.

Grouping purchasing allow us to lighter the logistic system, to economize on trasport costs and simplify the delivery procedures.

Our ambition is to provide rapidly the material that you require the most.